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​About infectious disease countermeasures

Infectious disease countermeasures for travel agencies with nursing care

​(1) Thorough health management of staff

Accompanying staff members must be vaccinated to prevent infection and undergo regular health checkups. We carry out thorough health management so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.

​(2) Temperature measurement and hand disinfection before getting into the taxi

Before boarding a taxi, your body temperature will be taken and anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or above will be refused entry. When riding, we ask that you thoroughly disinfect your hands and wear a mask. Thank you for your cooperation.

​(3) Air conditioning management and disinfection cleaning inside the car

In order to keep the air inside the car clean, which tends to be a crowded space, we regularly open the windows and exchange the air with the air conditioner. In addition, by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the vehicle after each customer, we will manage the environment so that you can use our service with peace of mind.

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