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Specializing in travel with nursing care in Fukuoka
Travel Care Fukuoka is

 customer's"●●●I want to! "of
​ I can make my dreams come true!

​With these concerns,
to go out alone
Have you given up?


​Once again, to that place of memories

I want to go

​and more

Worry about inconveniencing others while traveling

I want to eat something delicious as a reward for myself.

I want to travel privately because I'm worried about using the toilet.

I want to take a bath in a hot spring and relax

I want to go on my favorite overseas trip

​Is my grandchild doing well?

I want to see my family

​Leave it to Travel Care!

Supporting you in creating your own memories

In addition to creating safe and secure travel plans with nursing care,

Realize your “I want to go to ○○!” and “I want to do ○○!”!

Please consult a travel professional.

Please leave any concerns you may have, such as nursing care attendants and toilet care, to us.

We will also arrange medical staff if necessary.

Nursing care is required for small outings such as shopping and eating out.

We will provide total support for your outings.

Even if you are in a wheelchair, your dreams can come true with nursing care taxis and travel agencies with nursing care.
A professional tour guide for assisted travel and a professional driver for nursing care taxis will guide you on your trip.

​Travel and nursing care
mix service

​Travel Care's track record and appeal

When you want to request a travel and nursing care taxi,OnceYou can leave all aspects of your assisted travel to us by contacting us or applying.

Our staff with 30 years of experience in the travel industry will work with you to create an outing plan for customers who require nursing care.

Travelcare's head office is in Tokyo.

We are a travel company with a 20-year track record of accident-free travel with nursing care.

We will support your outing from your front door until you return home.

Nursing care taxis are welfare transport vehicles that can accommodate up to 8 people and can accommodate up to 2 wheelchairs, and can be reserved for one person.

​Nursed travelThe accompanying staff has received training as a certified care worker and is certified as a travel tour conductor.

Customers in need of nursing care or in wheelchairs are given top priority.We will also arrange welfare supplies and medical staff. ​​

We put our heart and soul into all of our services to help you and your family create memories.

​For customers who require nursing care
Just a consultation about going out is OK.

A travel professional will listen to you and your family's thoughts andSafety and securitytoWe will create a plan so you can enjoy your trip.

“People I really want to meet” “Places with memories I want to go to again”Such,It's okay just to hear your story.

Please feel free to contact us.

Consultations and meetings regarding travel with nursing care are free of charge.

​For your journey
More safety and security​

The driver is a helper driver who can also provide nursing care.Safety is our top priority so that our customers can enjoy their trip with peace of mind. Having a family member or daily care staff accompany you on a trip or outing with care is the best support.

Depending on your wishes and care plan, full support can be provided by accompanying a nursing care helper or medical staff as medical support.
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Nursing care travel provides a safe and secure journey with professional drivers and medical staff who can provide nursing care.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Please tell us about the scope of your services. Is it limited to Fukuoka prefecture?

A. Travel Care Fukuoka's assisted travel service is a service that meets the needs of our customers. There are no particular restrictions. We will provide total support from the front door of your home to the time you return home.

Q. Will we be responsible for arranging transportation by car?

A. Travel Care Fukuoka has nursing care taxis available. (If you use your own welfare vehicle, we can even make reservations for lodging, meals, and sightseeing facilities at your travel destination.)

Q. How many staff members can accompany you?

A. At least one member of staff who is qualified as a travel tour conductor, nursing care worker, or care taxi driver will always accompany you.

Q. Is it possible for female staff to accompany me?

A. Yes, we can accommodate you. Professional staff with whom we have a contract will accompany you. Therefore, we ask that you make your reservation early, as we may need to make some adjustments to your schedule in order to arrange female staff.

Q. Can I travel even if I have a chronic or incurable disease?

A. I understand your desire to travel, but your doctor's judgment is your top priority. Even in the case of travel, we will have detailed discussions with your doctor and nurse in advance. In cases where it is necessary to have a doctor or nurse accompany you, we will make every effort to maintain your physical condition and ensure the safety and security of your trip.

Q. How much will it cost to receive nursing care while traveling?

A. The nursing care and nursing care required by each customer is different. The nursing care required will vary depending on the purpose of the trip. We will discuss the details of your trip, destination, your physical condition, the doctor's judgment, your family's wishes, etc. in advance, and we will present you with the necessary nursing care fees and make a decision.

Q. Can I apply for a trip with travel care even if I am not certified by long-term care insurance?

A. Of course you can apply. Travel Care's assisted travel services are not covered by long-term care insurance. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the trip you are considering.

Q. Can I apply for a group trip?

A. We cater to all types of customers, from individual custom-made trips to small groups in facilities such as nursing homes, groups of close friends, companies, excursions, and school groups. We have 30 years of experience in the travel industry, so please feel free to contact us.

Q. Who will pay the travel expenses for the guide helper (caregiver)/nurse who will accompany me?

A. All travel expenses (accommodation, meals, entrance fees, etc.) for the helpers and nurses accompanying you will be borne by you.

Q. Can I ask you to go out for a short time, such as a walk in the park or shopping?

A. Yes, of course. We will be happy to guide you.

Q. Is it possible to use a nursing care taxi as a means of daily transportation, such as going to the hospital, changing hospitals, moving, or returning home?

A. Yes, of course. We will be happy to guide you. Travel Care Fukuoka's nursing care taxi is a welfare vehicle. It is possible to ride in a wheelchair, reclining wheelchair, or stretcher.

Q. Can I just make reservations for hotels and transportation in Kyushu, including Fukuoka Prefecture?

A. Yes, of course. We will be happy to arrange your reservation. Travel Care Fukuoka is registered with Fukuoka Prefecture as a travel agency.

Q. I'm worried about using the toilet while traveling. Are there any toilet breaks?

A. We will plan and run your trip on a route that allows you to stop at the restroom once every hour.

Q. Can I apply for tours other than trips with nursing care through Travel Care?

A. Of course you can apply. As we are an affiliated retailer of Japan Travel, you can apply for travel according to your budget and purpose, from various package tours to lodging plans and business trip plans throughout the country. We handle a wide variety of products both domestically and internationally.

Q. I need nursing care during my trip, so I'm worried about compensation in case I fall and get injured. Is it possible to get accident insurance?

A. Of course, you can purchase insurance. Although this insurance is optional, we will inform you of it before you depart for your trip. We have insurance plans available depending on the number of travel days and coverage details, whether domestic or overseas.

Q. When does the insurance period for domestic travel accident insurance start and end?

A. The insurance period starts and ends from the time you leave your residence (home) for your trip until you return to your residence.

​Travel Care Fukuoka for nursing care trips

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